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Welcome to the Official Spiral Pitfall Website

10.23.16 - New music video 'Something Wild'

Check out our super heavy cover of this John Hiatt cover. By the way, this is also the most expensive music video ever made.

9.10.15 - The Wood Panel LP out now!

5.14.15 - Summer/Fall Drummer Announced

Welcome Tyson Hariot! Seattle area shows to be announced in the coming weeks!

3.3.13 - Acoustic show @ Athena's - Seattle, WA 

Show announced: Athena's in West Seattle on April 6th @ 6 P.M. FREE SHOW. For more details: Spiral Pitfall Facebook

11.15.10 - Blog Entry #1: Bill's iPod Playback Project:  'The Viking'

Bill has written our first blog entry detailing an iPod device which he constructed himself. Check it out

10.12.10 - This is 'The End of Old Ways'


 The new full-length LP from Spiral Pitfall. Coming Soon.

10.10.10 - Spiral Pitfall is featured on has the band featured on their new emerging 'Northwest Grunge bands' portion of their site. Check it out.

10.9.10 - Free Music Reminder

With the new layout of the site we wanted to make it clear that all our music is currently available for FREE download. So burn it, put it in your itunes, share it with your friends or make it your next coaster. It's yours now. Head over to the music section of the site to download 'Cryptic Poetry' and/or 'Unreleased Collection I (1999-2009)' *Now Discontinued*. All in mp3 (320 kbps audio) or lossless FLAC files.

9.25.10 - New Website Layout

This website is now fully navigational but still early in development. Go to to receive the most accurate up-to-date information on upcoming releases, shows and news.

Thank you for visiting the new official website.

4.11.10 - Jake Sheffer interview with

Read 20 random questions with Jake Sheffer.

1.11.10 - 'Cryptic Poetry' Review

The Indie Handbook's Dan Halloway reviews 'Cryptic Poetry'.

You can read it here: